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Who wore the Midi outfit better between Shraddha Kapoor & Lizzo

Lizzo VS Shraddha Kapoor: Who Wore Checkered Midi Outfit Better?

The world of fashion has witnessed a huge amount of transition in the last few years and all thanks to the creative designer artistes, new forms of designs, patterns & cuts have been seen in the clothing wear department. One such fashionable type of outfit is the Midi branded checkered outfits and the black and white pattern certainly adds to the gorgeousness of a woman’s personality. From personalities in Hollywood to actresses of our very own Bollywood, they all seem to be in love with the checkered midi outfits and leading the way are Lizzo and Shraddha Kapoor.

While American singing sensation Lizzo is absolutely adored for his melancholic and melodious voice, Shraddha is a delight to watch on-screen as she weaves magic when acting. Both of them have earlier tried the ‘Black & White’ checkered midi outfits and today we ask you as to who carries the particular type of outfit better between the two?

Is it Lizzo or our very own Shraddha Kapoor is leading the way once again?

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