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Nothing feels sexier for me than wearing a Bespoke suit – Armaan Malik

Armaan Malik is undoubtedly one of the most popular and talented singers of the modern-day music industry. Armaan’s mesmerizing voice compiled with his adorable and handsome good looks makes him the favourite of millions of girls all around the world. Apart from being a passionate singer whose life is solely dedicated to music, Armaan, as we often see him spotted by the paparazzi is also one of the most fashionable celebrities of B-Town at the moment. Hence, we at IWMBuzz got involved in a special fashion-oriented conversation where Armaan spills the beans about his fashion choices, wardrobe collection, and a lot more. Read to find out –

What is style for you in one word?


Favourite item in your wardrobe?


What kind of style makes you feel sexy?

Nothing feels sexier than wearing a Bespoke suit.

Your fashion inspiration?

I’ve never really had any particular fashion inspiration. I do keep an eye out for menswear trends online and wear stuff that looks good on me!

What would be your ‘Dress to Kill’ outfit for a perfect date?

I think a great white shirt and trousers. And I must add that I wouldn’t forget to wear my favorite cologne to go with it.

Jackets or hats?



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Sweatshirts or shirts?


Indian or western?


Jeans or pyjama?

Jean joggers.

Fav Beachwear Fashion?

I’ve not made a beach-worthy body yet, so for me, it’s a simple tee, just above knee-length swimming trunks and my flip flops.

Fashion advise to fans?

Style yourself according to the occasion, but don’t forget to add an element of YOU in every outfit you wear. It could be anything from a stand-out piece of jewelry, a popping tie (if you’re dressed in formals), or even a great pair of sunglasses.

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