Shruti Rawat who plays the extremely adorable Gunjab Bahu in Star Plus’ Anandibaa aur Emily has a unique streak of fashion. She gives utmost priority to comfort and the classy feel in the outfits she wears.

In a candid chat with, Shruti talks about her fashion sense.

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#Ishtyle for you in one word:

Simple and classy

Favourite item in your wardrobe:

Saree, it is a red Banarasi Saree. That’s my favourite and the most expensive thing that I own.

Your fashion inspiration:

Audrey Hepburn is very classy. I love the feminine outfits that she used to wear. I am a mother of a four-year-old now. So I am more into long dresses, classy, with my hair open with short heels.

What would be your dress to kill on a perfect date:

A shimmery black dress which is backless, up to the knee length with a soft bun and short heels and an expensive bag.

Sweatshirts or shirts:

Sweatshirts any day with track pants. I can live in them.

Colour combination you prefer in your dressing style:

I am obsessed with black and white colours, even yellow and black and yellow and magenta.

Your favorite accessory to go with your dress:

I am not big on accessories. I love belts. At times, I wear a chain. I am the only woman on the planet who is not fond of jewellery. I love shoes and have a huge collection.

Indian or western:


Your favorite dress worn during lockdown: 

I have lived in nightsuits during the lockdown. My daughter was one year old, so I lived my life indoors. There was a time when I applied lipstick after two years.

What did you miss the most in dressing up during this lockdown:

Applying makeup.

Fashion advice to fans:

Have fun with whatever you wear. Be comfortable and have fun. Own what you wear with confidence.