Pooja Hegde is an actress who believes in pushing herself to her full potential. That is precisely why, despite having a good career in the South film industry, she went above and beyond to make it count in Bollywood, and the rest is history. From working out and caring for her gorgeous hourglass figure to eating the essential nutrition, Pooja has body goals for everyone. But wait a minute, what does she consume on her cheat day to satisfy her craving for junk food? Her few food-related posts indicate that she appreciates and is curious about a variety of culinary experiences. Today, we’ll reveal everything.

Pooja Hegde’s Cheat Meal Appearance-

The B’Town actress shared a picture series of cheat meals on her Instagram story. The pictures contain white scallops (seafood) fired in the oil until they turn a goldish brown, garnished with white and black seeds, red gravy sauce of spicy taste, and purple-green leaves.

A Peek Into Pooja Hegde's Tempting Cheat Meal! 889340

A Peek Into Pooja Hegde's Tempting Cheat Meal! 889341

In the second post, she shared a picture of a dumpling with cabbage, green spring, spicy masala, and a hint of oil in it.

If you like eating spicy food on cheat days, try Pooja-inspired scallops and dumplings.

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