Muskaan Nancy James talks about her perfect food choices in our newest segment on Food!!

My erotica food has to be ‘oyster’: Muskaan Nancy James

Muskaan Nancy James who broke into fame with shows Mata Ki Chowki, Ganesh Leela, Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap has turned into a chef for herself and family during this quarantine!!

Muskaan who never knew to cook delicacies is now getting all the needed training under the sun and learning the art as she gets into making them practically.

Talking on her food taste and desire, Muskaan gives her choices.

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Your favourite cheat food: Cheesecake with biryani

Your last meal on Earth will be: Steamed Chicken Momos

Do you cook at home? What do you make?

After the lockdown, I have become the chef apparently. I make Keto healthy food.

I cook in ghee. I make chicken salad, egg salad, cheese salad, sausages, healthy raaghi pancakes. In short, healthy and good fat diet.

Veg or Non-veg: I am a non-vegetarian. But depending on my mood, I turn into a vegetarian sometimes. I need some protein for a certain diet, so I need to eat non-veg

Baked or fried: Fried

Soup or Salad: Soup

One vegetable that you hate the most: I don’t like a drumstick

Your erotica food: Oyster

The weirdest dish you ever ate: I had duck egg omelette and pigeon when I was a child

Celebrity you would want to cook for: Not for any celebrity, but I would like to cook for my future partner. As for me, he will be my celebrity

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