Actress Sneha Jain who was last seen in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2, is passionate about food. She explores various cuisines and manages to make a decent meal too all by herself.

In a candid chat with, Sneha talks about her passion for food.

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What is your favourite cheat food?

I never diet as my metabolism is high. No matter how much I eat I don’t gain weight easily. Touch wood

What would your last meal on Earth be?

I am not a big foodie, but my last meal would be my mother’s cooked food. If I am out or going to meetings I make sure to eat once at home and it can be anything that my mom makes.

Do you cook at home? What do you make? Share a recipe with us

I cook very rarely but I love making pasta, noodles, spaghetti, garlic bread and all the non-Indian stuff.

I cook amazing Maggie and whenever my mom wants to eat Maggie she asks me to make it. I take a pan and put butter in it and put green chillies in it and then I put water and Maggie masala along with mayonnaise and pasta sauce. I also put oregano and chilli flakes and then lots of cheese.

Veg or Non-Veg?

I am pure veg

Baked or fried?

I prefer baked

Soup or salad?


One vegetable that you hate the most?

I don’t like a few vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and french beans. I love karela

Your erotica food?

I am not that much of foody

Weirdest dish you ever ate?

I am very choosy when it comes to food and I don’t experiment much. Even when I am out I prefer eating rice, daal, sizzlers. Once I was shooting for Coca-Cola in Bangkok and there the chef was making something fresh and I had to eat tacos and fries. They took 4-5 shots of mine where I am eating pizza, tacos and fries. The last shot was of pizza and they asked me if I ate chicken. I said yes at that time as I used to have chicken burgers. When I had that one bite of pizza I felt weird and I asked them what it was. They told me it was pork. They thought that as I ate chicken I am okay with all kinds of non-veg stuff. After that incident, I make sure that I read everything and then I eat.

Celebrity you would love to cook for?

It would be Diljit Dosanjh. He is so adorable and his videos are so adorable where he is cooking and singing. I would love to have that vibe with him. It would be quite a dreamy romantic date.

Midnight snack?

I usually don’t eat but sometimes I have ice cream when I watch some Netflix project.

The dish that your family loves when you make:

They just get surprised when I cook. They love Maggie. In lockdown, I explored my cooking side and they loved my pasta and pancakes. My mom loves the pasta that I make. She also learned it and now she makes it very well.

The best compliment was for which dish:

It was for pasta and garlic bread.