Can you guess what's the favorite food of Neha Kakkar, read to know

Here Are Neha Kakkar’s Favorite Food

Neha Kakkar began with singing at holy gatherings at the age of 4 with her siblings. She then joined Indian Idol season 2 as a contestant. Her Bollywood debut came with Meerabai Not Out but received the media attention for Second Hand Jawani and Sunny Sunny form Yaariyaan.

Neha Kakkar has been positively associated with recreating old songs with contemporary music. But she received a lot of backlash from the public claiming she was spoiling the old iconic tracks. But she was in favour, and also, she was backed by millions of fans that inspired her and motivated her to keep going. She is a powerful woman and has always stood by what she felt was right. She has been through depression and has made a comeback; therefore, we adore her immensely.

Here Are Neha Kakkar's Favorite Food 1

Neha Kakkar is a package full of sunshine and is very energetic. She has sung a few of the best high pumping music that has become a public favorite. She is a bundle of jobs always excited and looking forward to trying something new. When asked about her favorite food as she has a sweet tooth, she loves Moong dal halwa, french fries, rasgulla, and ragi chips.

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