Alia Bhatt is a powerhouse of talent. The actress has impressed fans with her acting, dancing, and singing skills. Besides that, she is also a producer and entrepreneur. Adding to the list, she recently became an author by launching the first picture book of the children’s picture book series ‘Ed Finds A Home.’ She is undeniably an inspiration for the younger generation. Among many things, her dedication to fitness makes her everyone’s favorite. Recently, the actress revealed the secret behind her Monday motivation on her Instagram handle.

Alia Bhatt’s Secret For Monday Motivation

View Instagram Post 1: Caught On Camera: Alia Bhatt's Secret For Monday Motivation

Taking to her Instagram handle, Alia Bhatt shared a video of herself at the gym. Yes, you heard that right! Many of us skip the gym or work out on Sunday, considering it a holiday. But Alia is different. The actress prefers to go to the gym on Sundays to do some extra workouts and prepare herself for Monday. Workout may feel tiring, but its effect the next day will keep you energetic. And that’s what Alia’s secret for Monday’s motivation is.

In the shared video on Instagram, Alia works out in the gym. As she mentioned, the actress is doing a leg workout today to keep her core and lower body strong. Alia takes the support of a workout machine to lean on and begins her weight-lifting work, focusing on her legs. The visuals show 20 Kg of dumbbells on both sides, which means she lifted 40 Kg of weight. And she did it very smoothly.