If you wish to be as fit as Shah Rukh Khan at the age of 50 then follow these fitness tips.

Follow these 4 simple tips and stay fit like SRK

King Khan of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan needs no introduction.

From portraying an obsessive lover to a chocolaty boy to an underworld don to a mentally-challenged man, he has entertained masses with his acting prowess.

Even in his 50s, he is very much active, thanks to his fit physique and high stamina levels. He started with 6 packs in Om Shanti Om and flaunted 8 packs in Happy New Year and became an inspiration for not just the youth but for the people of his age.

If you wish to be as fit as SRK at the age of 50 then follow these fitness tips.

Always eat right: A healthy eating habit is essential as it helps you to stay healthy, keep your metabolism working. Apart from that, including foods rich in vitamins.

Exercise regularly: You should exercise regularly as that helps you maintain a good physique.

Stay hydrated: Drinking enough water helps all your body’s processes perform optimally and reduces the chances of injuries.

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Get medical checkups: As you inch closer to 50, your body needs to be constantly monitored for any ailments so get medical check-ups done.

Follow these tips and stay fit!

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