Kunal Pant talks about his fitness choices.

Play a sport, especially football to burn calories: Kunal Pant

Actor Kunal Pant who was recently seen in the Sony LIV series Shrikant Bashir is a fitness enthusiast. He never misses his daily dose of workout and sees to it that he maintains himself in the best of shape and health.

In a candid chat with, Kunal talks about his fitness choices.

Check them here.

Cheat Food:

Butter Chicken

Favourite Exercise:

Cycling and Skipping

The purpose of exercise for you is:

Super body aesthetics and super amazing fitness

Fruit or juices: 

Fruit any day

Stairs or lift:

Stairs at my home and lift at my gym.

Your best morning routine will comprise of:

Getting up early, hydrating my body, having little carbs, hitting the gym and then eating good healthy breakfast and leaving for work.

Your favourite lockdown exercise:


Yoga Or Weights: 

It has always been weights, but I look forward to switch now to Yoga.

Walking or Jogging:

Sprinting 🤓

Your take on health supplements:

I use only when I am shooting. Otherwise, natural protein in my food is more than enough. So technically speaking they can be used as a shield but not as a weapon. Less dependency on them will lead to a more happy body in the longer run.

Best way to burn calories:

Play a sport, especially football.

Your take on six-pack abs:

Hardcore discipline and consistency.

Any personal goals in mind with regards to fitness:

Personal goal is to be super flexible and practice yoga in order to achieve that.

One tip for everyday fitness:

Drink loads of water, have a disciplined diet and take time out for some body workout. Running, skipping , playing a sport or lifting your own body weight. Be prepared, be persistent and be patient and you will reach every milestone of your fitness.

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