Here is the workout and diet regime India’s opening batsman Rohit Sharma follows...

REVEALED! Rohit Sharma’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan

One of the most talented batsmen in the Indian team and the worldwide is Rohit Sharma. He is considered an aggressive batsman but with style and elegance. His shots are a treat to watch and his playing style has garnered him a lot of fans. On his day, he goes on to score a century in a short time and can be a nightmare to the opposition. He has slammed three double hundreds in One-Day Internationals which is a record in itself. The cricketer has made it to the pinnacle of success with hard work and a humble attitude.

As far as Rohit Sharma’s workout routine is concerned, he prefers to spend a lot of time in the gym. After all, he has to show some excellent footwork and strokes on the field, so every muscle in his body must be under control. The right-handed batsman focuses on crunches, leg raises, push-ups and pulls up to reduce weight and tone his muscles. His workout strategy is powerful yet simple. When it comes to his diet, Rohit Sharma takes a protein-rich diet to build his muscles. He begins his day with oats and milk and also has some protein shake. He swears by eggs as they are extremely filling and healthy. He consumes green tea on a regular basis. His lunch usually consists of rotis and brown rice with home-cooked food. He also consumes some seasonal fruit in the evening. His dinner is usually light and he loves having grilled chicken or salad for dinner.

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