Natural light is usually superior to artificial light in a house. It enhances the feel-good serotonin levels in your body while providing a rich full spectrum color that light bulbs can only dream to equal. The best part is that the cost of natural light will not be added to your monthly electricity bill. It’s entirely unrestricted.

Many dwellings were not designed to take advantage of natural light. There are a few redesign tasks you can undertake to greatly enhance interior natural light, short of lifting up your house and rotating it in the direction of the sun—or totally transferring it to a brighter area.

1. Paint Your Eaves White

The overhangs generated by your roof are known as eaves or soffits. The eaves can either be left open or covered with a horizontal soffit.

In any case, this portion reflects and directs natural light into your house. Painting your eaves white is a little-known way to improve natural light in every room of your house.

2. Use Lighter, Brighter Interior Wall and Ceiling Paints

It may appear that painting walls and ceilings white or another light hue is a simple approach to increase light, and it is.

3. Turn Your Walls Into Mirrors With Higher Gloss Paint

“The greater the gloss level, the higher the light reflectance–more light will bounce off a surface coated with a high gloss paint than one painted with a matte sheen,” says Sherwin-Williams, a paint producer.

Source: the spruce