Pooja Hegde‘s regular social media posts never fail to attract people’s attention. Her feed is a feast of her personal and professional life; from traveling around the world to relaxing at home, she shares every detail with her fans. She is the latest celebrity to open up her house to admirers. Pooja took us on a tour of her adorable and contemporary home, which features beautiful and functional design elements and has an overall warm vibe. And today, we’ll take a look at her perfect abode.

Classy Living Room

Pooja Hegde’s wall and furniture selection wonderfully combines dreamy attractiveness with a polished feel. The greenery at home is appealing, and the dusky pink L-shaped sofa, white and black striped chair, and white walls and white curtains make a magnificent appearance. The mushroom-shaped green plants and some oxygen plants positioned on the balcony side produce a captivating sight. When you enter the house, you will be swept away by the magnificent, colorful aura.

Deep Dive Into Pooja Hegde's Lavish House In Mumbai 891095

Deep Dive Into Pooja Hegde's Lavish House In Mumbai 891096

Lavish Bedroom

The bedroom, a sanctuary of comfort, feels cozy and nice. It has a beige ceiling and grey carpet floor, a white bed, a spectacular large picture of scenery, a ceiling lamp, and steel stands. Everything appears so creative and simple that if you are anxious, this setting will help you relax, offering a peaceful retreat from the outside world.

Deep Dive Into Pooja Hegde's Lavish House In Mumbai 891098


This is everyone’s most important space for a peaceful appearance after a hectic schedule; therefore, Pooja Hegde kept it simple and comforting. The balcony, a serene escape, is covered with glass fencing, and the oak floor is the perfect finishing touch. There is no added commotion on the balcony, making it feel spacious and simple, a place where one can unwind and enjoy a clear view of the city.

Deep Dive Into Pooja Hegde's Lavish House In Mumbai 891099

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