The very special bonding of Prabhas and Anushka Shetty is decoded here.

Why Is Anushka Shetty A Special Co-Star For Prabhas? Reason REVEALED

Anushka Shetty and Prabhas the South Indian stars have had a great career. The two of them have been part of the biggest franchise movie Baahubali. Eversince the film happened to them, Anushka and Prabhas have been really good friends. In fact, they have been so close to each other, that there were rumours floating around that they are dating each other and are in a cozy relationship.

However, the two of them declined the rumours in media. Anuhska had gone on to state in media that she has known Prabhas for nearly 15 years and that she is very close to him. He is in fact her 3am friend, she had said in the report to Deccan Chronicle.

Well the best part is that the two of them look too good together. They are together seen and in a single frame during their public gatherings. They meet each other often and these are all the reasons for the rumours to spread.

However, we must say that theirs is a very special friendship. It is really cute to see them together.

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