Ishitta Arun, the multi-faceted actor, VJ and model is the daughter of famous singer Ila Arun. Ishitta who was recently seen in the Netflix series Rana Naidu is a travel freak and loves to pack her bags and explore newer destinations along with her husband Dhruv Ganekar.

In a candid chat with, Ishitta talks about her love for travel.

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Travel by plane, car, or boat – What do you like?

Plane ✈️

Your most memorable travel was:

Europe specifically Norway. It was when we performed at the Mela Festival 2017 & also memorable was our Italy trip for our honeymoon!

Vacation spot you long to go:

Bora Bora

Your favorite travel buddy:

Dhruv my husband!

Styled up or Casual during travel:


Your top three travelling essentials:

Book, balm & blanket!

Land, Hills or Beaches – your preferred choice:

Beach ?️

Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

Travelled solo a lot for work, so yeah love to with fam!

Any road trip experience:

Oh gosh many! The most recent one was the trip to Leh, Ladakh within India. We generally hire a car and self-drive when travelling outside India.

Dancing, singing or eating – your favorite habit during travel?

Eating ?