Actress Twinkle Arora who plays the lead role Nehmat in Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan loves to explore newer destinations. She is good at putting a proper plan in place whenever she travels. She has a bucket list of destinations she will love to cover.

In a candid chat with, Twinkle talks about her travel choices.

Check them here.

Travel by plane, car or boat?

I love to travel. So regardless of the fact whether it is by plane, car or boat, I’m happy when I travel. But I guess sabse zada feasible aaj kal car rehta ke baad it’s plane. Boat – would love to, but not have experienced it till now.

My most memorable travel:

Was the trip with my siblings to Pondicherry.

Vacation spot you long to go:

OMG..there are lots and lots of vacation spots where I want to go. There’s this place called Blue Lagoon, Blue Grotto. There are lots of places to visit. I have all of them on my Instagram saved. But I will want to go to these two above places first.

Your favourite travel buddy:

My favourite travel buddy would be my brother and my sister, both of them.

Styled up or Casual during travel:

My dressing depends completely on my mood.

Your top three traveling essentials:

If I’m going on a relaxing travelling trip it has to be casual. But if I’m going somewhere fancy it has to be nicely styled up.

Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

I have not tried solo travel till now. So I definitely prefer travelling with someone else.

Land, hill or beaches?

Land to nikaal hi do, bacha hills or beaches. That also depends on my mood. Till now I’m a hill person.

Dancing, singing or eating – your favorite habit during travel?

I love to dance, I love to eat. I don’t sing. So it has to be dancing, eating and listening to music.

Your top 3 travel essentials would be:

* Sanitary sprays/hygiene kit
* Phone and my charger
* Good company