Learn these 4 Lessons From Hrithik Roshan's Dance Move

4 Lessons We Should Learn From Hrithik Roshan’s Dance Move

Any Bollywood fan, if asked for his favorite dancer would rarely respond with any other name than Hrithik Roshan. He learned this art from none other than Prabhu Deva, one of the well-known dancers, choreographers, actors.

Hrithik’s style of dancing isn’t the only reason people are fond of it, but there’s more to understand in his dance than just moving his body according to pre-planned steps.

Here are 4 of those lessons that one should learn from Hrithik’s dance moves
1. Being Natural: Every step Hrithik has done while dancing seems to be a natural movement of his body. There’s no stiffness in his moves, no resistance to any step. We shall learn to be natural like his moves in the ways of life rather than forcing ourselves into it.
2. Free flow: Often people seem funny while dancing because they aren’t able to change from one step to another smoothly, which isn’t the case with Hrithik. The grace with which Hrithik lets his body flow through the steps forces one to just keep watching him dance for hours together. People often are so focused on one aspect of life that they are unable to handle the changes and thus look unlifelike.
3. Adaptability: Hrithik’s dancing style isn’t just limited to one form, he’s a beautiful dancer in all major forms of dances, viz. Classical dance, hip hop, urban, street style, and many others. That’s because of his ability to adapt to different types of dance patterns. Resistance is the enemy of adaptation. One should wilfully accept the positive influences in life rather than resisting for no proper reason.
4. Determination: Improvements don’t happen overnight, things take time to change, courage and patience are necessary companions in the journey of life. Hrithik trained hard to be this good at dancing. There was determination in him to learn to dance which made him what he is today. Not giving up is an ability possessed by those who aim to be successful in their journey.

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