4 Times Hrithik Roshan proved he's the best dancer in Bollywood

4 Times Hrithik Roshan Proved He Is Best Bollywood Dancing King

When it comes to becoming an actor in the entertainment industry, all one needs to do is learn acting and hone his craft. But readers, if you think of becoming a superstar, acting skills alone won’t suffice. One needs to be on top of his or her game when it comes to being a well-groomed and likeable personality. While for some male heroes, it’s about building a well-sculpted physique, for the rest it’s about developing exceptional dancing skills. But what happens when someone decides to do both? A Hrithik Roshan gets created.

Time and again, Hrithik Roshan has proved to the world that there’s no beating his flexibility and dancing skills in Bollywood. So today, we actually show you 4 such occasions in 4 songs of Hrithik where his moves will simply make you awestruck. The songs we pick are Dil Na Diya, Dhoom Again, Bang Bang & It’s Magic. Check out the videos below why we say he is the real ‘Dancing King’ of Bollywood –

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