IWMBuzz asks you whether Ajith Kumar is better than Mahesh Babu?

Is Ajith Kumar better than Mahesh Babu?

The regional South Film Industry contributes to a large section of the Indian Entertainment scenario and when it comes to the South industry, two of the biggest stars and pillars of strength are Mahesh Babu and Thala Ajith Kumar. It is to be noted that Ajith Kumar is about 9 years senior to Mahesh Babu in the industry. While Ajith made his much-anticipated debut with the film En Veedu En Kanavar in 1990, Mahesh Baby came into the foray in 1999 with Rajakumarudu in 1999. Both Ajith Kumar and Mahesh Babu are cult figures in their own right and have some of the biggest commercial hits of Tamil cinema attached to their names. Both are also the recipient of some of the major awards of the Tamil movie industry.

What’s interesting is the competition between them is such that even their fan clubs are divided in their opinions. While Mahesh Babu’s fan clubs propagate the fact that Mahesh Babu is way superior to any of his contemporaries, Thala Ajith’s fan clubs primarily compare the success of their hero with Mahesh Babu and propagate the idea that Ajith is better. So guys, what do you guys think? Is Ajith Kumar better than Mahesh Babu? Let us know your views in the comments below and for more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com.

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