Anushka Sharma looks glorious whenever she's carrying the retro style | IWMBuzz

IWMBuzz shows you some of Anushka Sharma's gorgeous retro looks.

Anushka Sharma looks glorious whenever she’s carrying the retro style

Bollywood in India is not just a film industry, it’s an institution in its own rights. It’s almost a way of life for its fans who breathe Bollywood day in day out. Over the years, the industry has seen a dynamic change, from the kind of movies made to change in the narrative in content to visible changes in the department of fashion and style. Some people are always up for new changes and trends whereas some people are always into believing ‘Old is Gold’. For the people believing in the latter, the retro Bollywood style is what they miss today. Be it the iconic fashion outfits or the songs, they have a special place in the hearts of all retro lovers.

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One such retro-lover who’s ironically an established actress in today’s time is Anushka Sharma. We have seen Anushka quite a number of times earlier donning the retro look and she simply personifies ‘beauty’ whenever we see her in that makeover. Don’t believe what we are saying? How about seeing yourself and getting a piece of it?

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