Know about the latest unique achievement of Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma’s baby bump picture makes her a millionaire

Superstar Anushka Sharma’s pregnancy shoot has taken over the internet! In just 2 days, the pictures have already crossed 120 million likes! This just goes to show how this stereotype shattering shoot, which is now being called ICONIC, has connected deeply with people as they have lauded Anushka’s clutter-breaking attempt at projecting how to confidently embrace motherhood in today’s day and age.

Anushka has always challenged societal norms and her life has triggered positive conversations about the need to bring about constructive changes. She was the first leading lady to turn producer when she was 25. She was the first among her contemporaries to marry when she was 29 and shattered the myth that married actresses can’t be at the top of their game. Now, her pregnancy shoot has also become a benchmark and a real game-changer.

Anushka has made a strong, bold statement with her pregnancy photos, the echoes of which will reverberate for years to come and pave the way for other Bollywood leading ladies to embrace motherhood on their own terms. Never before has a Bollywood heroine stepped out and embraced motherhood with so much swagger which makes this a path-breaking shoot by Anushka.

Through her pregnancy pictures, Anushka is boldly wanting to smash stereotypes. She shatters beliefs that pregnant women should not show her bump to public or that they should be dressing in a certain way while they are expecting. Anushka through her fun, confident, attractive shoot embraces pregnancy and motherhood like never before and is clearly telling women to approach their lives on their own terms. She is strongly telling women to embrace their body, their journey and most importantly their individuality and life choices. And this is why, her pregnancy pictures have broken the internet, sparked a conversation and evoked a sense of wonderment.