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Find out the cost of SRK's Mannat

The cost of Shah Rukh Khan’s famous Mannat house will simply SHOCK YOU

For all fans and admirers of Shah Rukh Khan, his abode of heaven, ‘Mannat’ is nothing less than a place of worship and ‘mannat’ (prayer) for his legion of fans all over the world. It’s literally a dream house for every Mumbaikar as it is located in the Bandra West, which is considered to be the heartland area of the city of Mumbai.

Whenever King Khan wakes up in his Mannat, he gets the view of the majestic sea and that’s quite a sight to wake up to if you are someone who appreciates scenic beauty. Mumbai is a place which anyway is known for its sky-high prices in terms of real estate so we can only imagine how much would Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘royal’ Mannat be costing. Still playing guesswork here? Today, we reveal the actual figure.

As per reports in, Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat would be costing atleast a whopping Rs 200 crores in today’s time and age.

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