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We decide which fashion queen of Bollywood slays the game with her style choices!

Deepika Padukone vs Kareena Kapoor : Who slays the fashion game?

Bollywood and fashion go hand in hand. We look up to our favourite celebrities for our wardrobe inspiration often. Be it looking forward to their red carpet looks or casual airport avatars, we cannot get enough of these stylish divas.

Among the top that never fails to disappoint us with their fashion choices is our Bollywood Bebo Kareena Kapoor and Queen of Bollywood Deepika Padukone.

Both of these actresses have evolved into fashionistas with their daring yet interesting choices. While Kareena’s style is elegant and classy, Deepika leans towards a more modern and quirky style.

Be it fashion or films, no one can beat Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. But how do these two divas measure up against each other when it comes to slaying their fashion game?

Kareena Kapoor has been in the industry for a long time and her fashion evolution has been the one to watch. She is effortless and sexy with her choices, be it wearing a traditional ensemble or dressed up in an evening gown. The style diva is not shy of experimenting and wears each of her outfit with confidence. No wonder, even Alia Bhatt considers her an idol.

However, the reigning Bollywood Queen Deepika Padukone is not too far behind. The actress brings her own style and uniqueness every time she steps out. Just like her quirky husband, Deepika is bold, daring and sexy with her fashion choices.

It is indeed a difficult choice to pick between two such confident, stylish women of Bollywood who never fail to impress and inspire us with their satorial choices. So, which actress would you give a thumps up on the fashion meter?

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