Tom Cruise, one of the most iconic and handsome actors in Hollywood has not only given us some of the best movies so far, but the Eyes Wide Shut actor also has been the greatest ever the industry has witnessed, given his stellar work on the screen. His intimidating persona on the screen has left us spruced up all the time. But have you ever thought, that how would it had been if Cruise had a different career path! Surprisingly; a priest?

Yes! You read it right! The actor took a keen interest in Priesthood, and here read what his schoolmate Shane Dempler said about it.

Talking about it, his schoolmate Shane Dempler said, “We found few bottles of liquor and kept it near the woods. The priests did not find it until few other boys got to know about our plan. They went inside the woods and got drunk. They were caught red-handed and forced to confess,”

He added, “The school wrote a letter to our parents saying that they liked us, but didn’t want us to return. So we were not kicked out, just preferred not to go.”

Shane further mentioned how Cruise used to take a lot of interest in priesthood, however, Tom Cruise then realised that it was too early to choose his career, Shane said, “We used to attend Mass, spend time in the chapel and enjoy hearing stories from the priests. We thought the priests had a great lifestyle and we were really interested in priesthood.” As stated by Koi Moi.