IWMBuzz gets involved in an exclusive interaction with the beautiful and talented Adah Sharma

I don’t really bother about what someone else thinks of me in real life – Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma is one of the prettiest and most talented actresses of the Hindi film fraternity who has shown her potential in many movies across multiple languages. She made her much anticipated and loved Bollywood debut with the superhit horror flick 1920 and ever since then, she has become a household name. Post that, she continued the great work with movies like Commando 2, Commando 3, Bypass Road, and many more. IWMBuzz entered into a fun and engaging conversation with the only and only Adah. Read to know more:

Adah, you were fantastic in Commando 3 and Bypass Road. In your career till now, you have shown enough versatility as an actress. What’s next?

Thank you so much. My next film is Man to Man where I am interestingly playing a man. Then there’s Commando 4, Holiday season 2, a Telugu-Tamil-Hindi trilingual which is a genre that hasn’t been done before and there’s also an international action film.

What is your biggest learning from this entire Covid-19 lockdown and what is that one lesson which you want to take forever forward in your life?

Well, to keep it short and simple, it would be ‘To live in the present’.


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Do you have any regrets about your career?

Well, I have no regrets. I’ve been fortunate to debut with a film like 1920. The audience waits to see what different stuff I will pick… I also like doing roles that have not been attempted before. I have a thing for quirky characters… I like taking risks and the biggest example of that is the character of Bhavana Reddy from the Commando franchise.

People love your bold fashion statement. What gives you the confidence to always try something new in fashion?

Well, I’m one of those very fortunate actors to have had the audience on my side. I have a very loyal following…they encourage my madness. I’ve always been the person who if I like what I’m wearing I don’t really bother about what someone else thinks of me in real life. In a film, I go according to the needs of the character, what the director has planned etc. But in real life, I don’t like to succumb to trends. I don’t want to be made into a copy of someone else’s style just because it would get good reviews on the fashion blogs. It’s an added advantage that people are kind to me and enjoy my style.

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