To stand up and outshine the Avengers should have needed a hero of great proportions, but Tom Holland did it with little more than superheroic likability. That, and a Spider-Man costume. Although the British actor is still relatively new to Hollywood, he exudes the poise and profile of someone who has been doing it for years.

Of course, the fact that he looks like a matinée movie star, complete with a wardrobe to match, helps. Holland’s style combines modern elements with a classic leading man vibe. Consider a modernized take on an old-school Hollywood celebrity, with impeccable tailoring paired with everyday menswear basics.

Holland is your friendly neighborhood style icon, proving that a white T-shirt looks just as good under a formal jacket as it does under a hoodie. His off-duty style has a male edge, with masculine classics and tonal outfits that lay somewhere between the 1950s slickly dressed machismo and 21st-century streetwear.

The Super Suit

Holland can update the formal style with some youthful pizazz, but he also knows how to execute the classics. Holland puts a 21st-century spin on the matinée-era star with this large double-breasted jacket that harkens back to 1930s Hollywood.

Stripes & Suede

Here’s a look that’s pure vintage, as he continues to squeeze every last drop of modern flair from retro-inspired goods.

The striped shirt (with open collar for added street cred), the ’60s Easy Rider-looking suede jacket with a contemporary cut, and Holland’s pushed-back side-parting all have a ’70s vibe to them. It’s an ensemble that dates back at least three decades, but it has a timeless feel to it.

Burgundy Look

Another of Holland’s more macho looks, this one embraces the spirit of bygone cinema stars – notably fashionable alphas like Cary Grant and Robert De Niro – thanks to a tonal ensemble that spans decades.

The striped, open-collar shirt has a ’50s vibe to it, and the combination of dark green and burgundy (seen for the second time on this list) demonstrates that he can take on boss-level color combinations and win.

Hollywood Fall Guy

Tom Holland’s love of autumnal colors is on display here, and it’s nearly his entire style in one outfit — slick tailoring with plaid trousers, a basic T-shirt to tone down the formality, and an air of old Hollywood leading man brought into the contemporary day with the fascinating color palette.