Here are 5 reasons why this heartbreaking movie was one of the most expensive movies in Indian cinema history! Check it out:

From Madhuri Dixit’s Outfits To The Set Cost: 5 Extravagant Things From Devdas That Prove It Is One Of The Most Expensive Movies In Indian Cinema 497975

It’s been almost two decades since Devdas was released. The gorgeous movie still hasn’t lost its glamour. And why would it, when there was so much money put into the making of the movie! It is one of the most expensive movies in Indian cinema. Take a look at these 5 reasons that prove it!

1) Madhuri Dixit’s Outfits:
The movie had quite a few dreamy costumes. These stunning ensembles were designed by Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla. According to an MSN report, every outfit of Madhuri Dixit’s cost more than Rs. 15 lakhs.

2) Paro’s Outfits:
The movie designer, Neeta Lulla, and Bhansali shopped 600 sarees that created Paro’s sarees. While sarees are usually 6 meters long, Paro’s sarees were made to be at least 8 to 9 meters long for an added elegance. Every saree was styled in a different drape. Her costumes were worth lakhs according to an MSN report.

3) Paro’s House:
Paro’s house with its beautiful stained glass took from November to June to finish. The stained glass itself cost Rs. 1.22 lakhs according to an MSN report. Heavy rains cause the color to fade so the painter had to keep doing retouches.

4) Equipment and Crew:
Usually, a set needs nothing more than 3 to 4 generators. But, this movie had 42 generators because of the 2500 lights that were used on set according to an MSN report. They also need more than 700 lightmen for it. An MSN report states that many marriages suffered because they used so many generators.

5) The Set Cost:
Bhansali movies always have the most extravagant sets. Sets play a really important part in the story-telling and they put in 7 to 9 months of hard work into creating the best set. An MSN report mentions that the Chandramukhi’s Kotha cost around Rs. 12 crores, Paro’s house was rebuilt quite a few times and cost around 3 colors. The final cost came up to a whopping Rs. 20 crores.

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