Kareena Kapoor is an avid social media user. The actress has now graced Instagram with a scintillating snapshot of herself and her husband, Saif Ali Khan, as they enjoy a romantic poolside moment. This captivating image not only radiates style but also affection as Kareena commemorates Saif’s birthday with a heartfelt message.

In the shared post, Kareena reveals that Saif himself selected the photo to be posted on Instagram. She playfully mentions that he is right there beside her, smiling away, making the choice even more special. Her message continues with warm wishes, “May you always be this relaxed my jaaaan… Happy Birthday to my Ultimate Lover… There truly is no one like you… Kind, Generous, Crazy… ok, I can go on writing all day… but gotta go eat Cake…”

Kareena’s choice of words resonates with the couple’s genuine bond, giving fans a glimpse into their close relationship. The image captures Kareena’s grace in a fashionable pink top paired with trendy shorts. Meanwhile, Saif Ali Khan exhibits his suave style, revealing his well-toned physique in classic pool shorts. The chemistry between the two is undeniable, as they share a special moment by the poolside.

Check out the mushy romantic moment:

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This affectionate gesture by Kareena Kapoor has ignited a wave of admiration from fans and followers, marking the celebration of Saif Ali Khan’s birthday in a heartwarming and stylish manner. The shared snapshot not only encapsulates their love but also reminds the audience of their powerful presence as a beloved Bollywood couple.