Asha Parekh speaks on late Jagdeep

Jagdeepji & I Were Co-stars When I Was 12: Asha Parekh

“He had so much to give as an actor. But they typecast him as a comedian, just like my other colleague and co-star Rajendranath with whom I did many films,” says veteran actress Asha Parekh about working with the late Jagdeep.

“Believe it or not, Jagdeepji was my co-star in 1954 when I was 12. We were both child artistes and we worked together in a film entitled Dhobi Doctor produced by the great Bimal Roy and directed by Phani Mazumdar,” says Asha Parekh, who went on to become a superstar in adulthood.

What does she remember about Jagdeep and Dhobi Doctor? “I remember he played a child who was very cruelly treated. I couldn’t bear to watch his suffering. I was his companion. Jadgeepji’s character grew up to become Abhi Bhattacharya while my character grew up to become Usha Kiron.”

Many years later Asha Parekh and Jagdeep did another film together. “It was Kaalia where I played Amitabh Bachchanji’s Bhabhi. Jagdeepji had a cameo that is remembered to this day. He played a man whose car is smashed in front of his eyes. Jagdeepji had no dialogues. But his facial expressions were to die for.”

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