Which actor deserves the tag 'King Of Swag' between Kartik Aaryan, Ayushmann Khurrana, and Tiger Shroff

Kartik Aaryan Vs Ayushmann Khurrana Vs Tiger Shroff – Which actor deserves the tag ‘King Of Swag’?

For the longest time, Bollywood was all about being driven by stardom and less of the script. Such were the times that all you needed to do to make your film work at the box office was to plant in a big star and that alone would suffice. The inevitable result was that the industry was dominated by a few stars and opportunities for the new stars to prove their mettle dried up. But things changed and for the better, in the year 2018 as that was the year from when scripts became the top priority. The result was it gave us new ‘stars’ in the form of Kartik Aaryan, Ayushmann Khurrana and Tiger Shroff.

Kartik, Ayushmann, and Tiger Shroff, all three of them started their careers pretty much around the same time but the apart Ayushmann Khurrana, none of them earned success from their first movie itself.

But today, all three of them are humongous stars and their sexy personality and attitude is all about the swag factor which one wants to imbibe in oneself. All three of them are extremely stylish and suave and it’s truly difficult to point out just one as the ‘King of Swag’ but readers, if you had to pick just one among this trio, whom would you pick and why?

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