Why did Sonu Sood cry?

Why did ‘messiah’ Sonu Sood cry? Find out

Sonu Sood has always been a fantastic actor and he has always been loved and adored by the country for his astounding performances.

But whatever Sonu did for the poor people struggling and stranded in the lockdown is something that deserves immense respect.

So far, Sonu and his team has helped innumerable number of people to reach back to their homes safely in terms of crisis.

He was all jovial and happy doing all of this. But what is the reason due to which he was spotted crying and teary-eyed?

Well, the reason is at Kapil Sharma’s show, Sonu had a virtual meeting with some of the people whom he helped and they were expressing their love and thanksgiving for him. This made Sonu Sood emotional and we certainly went aww. Check out –


Why did 'messiah' Sonu Sood cry? Find out 1

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