Know everything about Michael Polansky and Lady Gaga

Who Is Michael Polansky? Here’s Everything You Should Know About Lady Gaga’s Affairs

Lady Gaga is undoubtedly one of the most talented and popular personalities of Hollywood. No doubt that she’s well-known for her credentials as a celebrity but apart from that, if she’s known for anything else, then it’s her dating history and long list of partners which she has had till date. So who’s the latest man in Lady Gaga’s life? Well, it’s none other than entrepreneur, Michael Polansky, as per media reports.

So who is Michael Polansky? Well, Michael Polansky is the co-creator of a business organization with Sean Parker and the organisation supports philanthropic activities, global public health, civic engagements and the arts. Apart from that, he’s a graduate from the prestigious Harvard University.

Their relationship became a thing for their fans when Gaga made it ‘Instagram Official’ after Super Bowl Weekend earlier this year.

We wish the couple a happy life going forward.

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