Neil Nitin Mukesh speaks to Subhash K Jha

Neil Nitin Mukesh On The Return Of The Corona Survivor In His Building

Last week the highrise apartment block where actor Neil Nitin Mukesh stays was sealed off after a young girl tested positive.

On Sunday the girl returned home cured. The entire building gave her a royal welcome.

Says Neil , “We are all elated that she is back. All of us celebrated her safe return. She had a warm welcome back home.Without a doubt, the managing committee and the entire society have followed the norms brilliantly and looked after each other. Daily essentials are being taken care and the entire managing committee is on top of everything. Hats off to them to handle the needs of more than 600 families. The security is strong and there is a list of strong guidelines sent out to all residents to follow. For our safety and the safety of others, it’s best we do that.”

Neil has a little baby girl who finds it hard to stay indoors uninterrupted for so long.

Says Neil,” Through the day she needs some sort of entertainment. We keep her busy with books from the time she is up in the morning till about lunchtime. Post lunch we keep her active by playing a sport with her so she gets tired. She sleeps post that till about 5:30 pm, post which is a difficult time because then she demands to go down seeing the garden from our window so we need to engage her with other errands. So we try diverting her attention. For a while, in the day she gets to see her favorite Cocomelon. She is 1 year 7 months old. But she has learnt colors, animal names, shapes, and even some nursery rhymes that she loves singing in her gibberish style.”

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