Neil Nitin Mukesh On Coping With The Lockdown

Never did we ever imagine a time like this would come:   Neil Nitin Mukesh

Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh has been home with his wife and little daughter for more than two weeks now.

He says he is still in a state of disbelief about the lockdown. “Never did we ever imagine a time like this would come. Lockdown and self-quarantine are happening for over two weeks now. I am taking each day as it comes. Keeping myself busy with writing, composing, sketching and teaching my daughter new words. My wife is managing the kitchen and meals.”

Neil is not watching too many films at home. “I am not really movie-binging but seeing some that I had to catch up on.”

On his must-see list is his grandfather the illustrious singer Mukesh’s stint as an actor. “Not too many know that my grandfather played the hero in Nirdosh, Anurag and Adab Arz in the 1950s. This quarantine period has given me a chance to discover my grandfather as an actor.”

At home, Neil maintains a formal work schedule for the quarantine period. “We have routined ourselves. I keep work hours for me from home and then workout, which includes cleaning of the house.Mealtimes are in place.”

Neil’s advice to fans? “Only advice would be stay at home, stay safe, keep yourself creatively occupied. Play some memory games board games puzzles, read a lot. And most importantly sit and retrospect. In the madness to keep up with the fast-paced madness of day-to-day living let’s not forget our basic needs values and necessity. The key to good living is love and respect and simplicity. Let’s rediscover these qualities during these troubled times.”

Neil is not restless after more than two weeks at home. “I am just keeping myself so occupied with home errands that by the end of the day I am too tired to think about getting restless.”

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