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Is Nora Fatehi single or taken? We tell you

Nora Fatehi is undoubtedly one of the hottest actresses of B-Town at the moment. Each and every time Nora makes an appearance in front of the 70mm screen, the frame literally sizzles like fire. Nora Fatehi is not just a talented actress. She is a supremely talented dancer and the way she takes care of her body and fitness is truly commendable and ample enough a reason for millions of men to crush on her big time. But, the bigger question here is whether the crush is at all worthy? Fans keep showing their interest when it comes to delving deep into the matter of Nora’s relationship status. So, to end their curiosity about Nora’s relationship status, we finally reveal to you about Nora Fatehi’s current relationship status.

Well, good news for all you men out there. As per media reports, Nora Fatehi is currently single. She was also earlier quoted as saying that she wants to focus only and only on her work at the moment and she’s currently ‘married’ to her work.

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