IWMBuzz tells you about an unheard phobia that Bollywood's Badshah, Shah Rukh Khan possesses. Read the story for more details

OMG: Details of Bollywood’s ‘Badshah’ Shah Rukh Khan’s UNHEARD PHOBIA REVEALED

They say the ‘Badshah’ can never be scared of anything. We have all heard kickass punchlines like ‘Darr me sage Jeet hai’ and ‘Haar me jeetne waale ko Baazigar kehte hai’ and a lot more. All these definitely give us the imagery of Shah Rukh Khan which is of a ‘King’ who is absolutely fearless.

But is Bollywood’s Badshah, Shah Rukh Khan actually fearless or does he have a certain fear?

Well, like any other human being, he does have his own phobia and that phobia is none other than ‘Saccharophobia’. This happens to be a type of phobia where the concerned human being is scared of sugary food and anything remotely sugary to him. Wondering how did we find out? Check out the link below to see yourself –

So, what do you guys have to say after knowing about this fear of SRK? Let us know in the comments below. For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com.

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