Looking for inspiration and motivation for those sculpted abs look? Here are some B-town tips from our Bollywood Hulks for the perfect abs.

John Abraham is a gym freak with a love for biking. He has a strict 6 days workout regiment where he focuses on two muscles, one major and one minor. Out of his week, he dedicates 3 days working on his abs! His workouts for abs include a variety of exercises and cardio. His diet includes a protein-rich diet. His abs are from sheer deviation and hard work!

Arjun Rampal works out 5 days a week and advises that everyone needs to work out at least an hour a day. He works out 5 times a week. And like they say Cardio is the best way to burn carbs and work your way to get stunning abs. The actor switches out his workout regimens to keep from getting bored. He preaches that as a person we must respect our body’s limits and never overdo our workouts! The best way to get in shape is to build your stamina and actively participate in outdoor activities!

Unlike the other two, Tiger Shroff has a 7 days strict holistic workout regiment. Each day focuses on a different body part. Just like the other though he believes hydration is necessary especially when dealing with high-intensity workouts. The actor follows a disciplined lifestyle that has led to his sculpted body. He also abstains from unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking.

Getting the perfect ab is a lot of work and dedication! But like these actors spice things up with outdoor activities, some cardio, and some good yet healthy food! And water! Lots of water!