We all have been waiting eagerly for Pirates Of The Caribbean 6. If memory serves, the primary idea was to develop a run with a female as the central protagonist. Margot Robbie was brought aboard, and everything appeared to be things running smoothly.

After Johnny Depp won the defamation case, fans started clamouring for him to return back, and Disney came under mounting scrutiny. However, as of now, reports are saying that that movie has been entirely scrapped.

Margot finally confirmed that the POTC turn remains on the wayside just last month.

She mentioned that the goal was to establish a female-led initiative, but it seems that Disney is no anymore eager about it.

A source close to Disney has mentioned, “Johnny Depp is considered the face of the franchise. And since the studio dropped the actor following the accusations of domestic abuse, fans have also made it clear that they don’t want another film in the franchise without the Jack Sparrow actor. This could be the reason Disney decided to scrap the spin-off. The studio could also cancel Ted Elliott and Craig Mazin’s reboot as not many updates about it are available,” as quoted by Koi Moi.

src – Koi Moi