IWMBuzz tells you about the possible cat-fight between Pooja Hedge and Samantha Akkineni

Pooja Hegde Vs Samantha Akkineni – The next big ‘CAT FIGHT’ in the South industry

Both Pooja Hedge and Samantha Akkineni are well-known established actresses in the South Film Industry. Both have always had a cordial and civil relationship with each other as industry colleagues. So, what exactly went wrong due to which both their respective fans are at loggerheads with each other? Well, we at IWMBuzz reveal to you the real reason here.

Yesterday, we all heard the news of Pooja Hedge’s Instagram account being hacked. As a responsible public figure, she took to the media to notify about the hacking, and later when she recovered her account, she even thanked her technical team for the same. So, where exactly does Samantha come into the picture here? Well, the real reason is during the tenure of the hacking which was apparently 1-1.5 hours, there was apparently a photo shared of Samantha Akkineni from Pooja’s account with a caption suggesting that Pooja doesn’t find Samantha ‘pretty’ at all. Now it seems really unlikely that two responsible celebrities will be taking a dig against each other this directly. But this apparently didn’t go down well with Samantha and she wasn’t really convinced about the ‘hack’. That’s the reason, later on, fans on social media saw comments, where Samantha and are her friends, were taking sarcastic digs at Pooja’s hacking incident by trying to portray that the entire ‘hack’ fiasco is fake. Take a look at the screenshot below –

Pooja Hegde Vs Samantha Akkineni - The next big 'CAT FIGHT' in the South industry

Although Pooja has so far chosen not to react to the apparent ‘bullying’ (as netizens are calling it), we have a feeling that the South industry must brace itself for an all-out ‘cat war’ soon.

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