Shruti Haasan is the daughter of the famous actor Kamal Hassan. She is a Bollywood actress who also loves to sing. She has wowed her followers with her acting and appearance. She is well-known for her happy expression. The actress maintains an entertaining and sophisticated Instagram presence, giving followers insights into her life, profession, and interests.

She always interacts with her fans through her question-and-answer sessions. Today, she is again playing Q&A with her fans and shared a video of herself while a fan asked her about her single or committed status. Look below for how she reacted to her video.

Shruti Haasan’s Instagram Post Appearance-

Taking to her Instagram post, the actress looked stunning in a plain white outfit. She finished her look with middle-parted wavy open tresses and minimal makeup with soft eyeshadow, blushy cheekbones, and matte lips and accessories her outfit with a cute silver and green bindi. The video features her playing a question and answers with her fans. She says, “Ask me something as I’m stuck in traffic,” and suddenly one fan asked her question, “Single or Committed.”

View Instagram Post 1: Post Breakup With Shantanu Hazarika Shruti Haasan Reveals She Is "Unwilling To Mingle"

She answered, “I’m not enjoying answering this question, but…, I’m entirely single, I’m unwilling to mingle, only working and enjoying my life. Bye! And says, “Enough,” with grumpy facial expressions.

Rumors spread on the internet about Shruti Hassan’s breakup with Shantanu Hazarika. In response to a fan’s question, she stated that she is single.

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