Have you ever heard about these banned movies from Revenge Of The Nerds to White Chicks, check out now!

Hollywood has produced a lot of divisive films during the previous century. While some are now hailed as cinematic classics, others are still associated with their infamous pasts. A problematic film, however, may be subject to a total ban in some places.

Have you ever heard about these movies?

Revenge Of The Nerds
Robert Carradine and Anthony Edwards, two geeky best friends, enroll at Adams College to study computer technology. In a contentious scene, one of the nerds tricks his sorority crush into thinking it’s her jock boyfriend by dressing up as Darth Vader, and they engage in illicit sexual activity.

The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)
The Gods Must Be Crazy, a humorous allegory set in Southern Africa, depicts a wandering Bushman who comes upon contemporary society and all of its peculiar aspects. Despite its popularity, many criticized the film’s portrayal of race and what they claimed was a lack of knowledge of racism and apartheid in South Africa.

Animal House
Dean Vernon Wormer (John Vernon) is committed to expelling the whole Delta Tau Chi Fraternity from a college in 1962, but they have other ideas. Starring in the movie are Bruce McGill, Tim Matheson, Peter Riegert, Tom Hulce, and John Belushi. Racism, homophobia, and jokes about sexual assault have all been condemned.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967)
One of the few movies at the time, when interracial marriage was still prohibited in 17 states, was Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, which portrayed an interracial marriage positively!

White Chicks (2004)
In order to safeguard hotel heiresses the Wilson sisters (Anne Dudek and Faune A. Chambers) from an abduction plan, two disgraced FBI agents (Shawn and Marlon Wayans) go extremely covert. The Wayans portray themselves as White, and there are numerous racial stereotypes in the movie.

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