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Did Salman Khan actually say he doesn't reply to messages of Aamir Khan?

Did Salman Khan ACTUALLY Say That He Doesn’t Reply To Aamir Khan’s messages?

Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are two of the biggest and the most popular actors of B-Town at the moment and when it comes to craze and fandom, they are simply unbelievable. The thing with Salman and Aamir is that whatever they do, it’s an instant hit among their legion of fans globally and whenever they have come together mostly on TV, the audience loves every moment.

Off-screen, Salman and Aamir are known to be great buddies but readers, are you aware of the fact that once Salman Khan said he doesn’t reply to Aamir Khan’s texts?

Well, the hilarious incident happened on Aamir Khan’s reality show Satyamev Jayate when Salman was there as a guest for his humanitarian work. When Aamir introduced Salman and said it was a difficult task to get him on the show, Salman jokingly said that he initially didn’t even reply to Aamir’s messages because he was so unsure.

Now that’s truly hilarious ain’t it readers? For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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