In a recent candid interaction with senior journalist Mayank Shekhar for Sit With Hitlist, Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor opened up about a distressing incident from his past. Reminiscing about the mid-2000s, Kapoor revealed that his leaked video with then-girlfriend Kareena Kapoor Khan had a profound impact on him. At the tender age of 24, Kapoor found himself grappling with a sense of devastation as he felt his privacy had been flagrantly violated, leaving him helpless to protect it. The incident left him in a state of turmoil, struggling to comprehend the gravity of the situation and its implications

He said, “I was destroyed at that time. I was just a 24-year-old kid and I felt my privacy had been invaded and I could do nothing to protect it. I was a mess, I was like, yeh kya ho gaya and what is going on and of course it affects you a lot.”

He added, “At that age especially, because you don’t even know exactly your own feelings and then you are figuring out, how to be with a girl and you are dating you know all that is going on and you are actors in different places and all that is happening and in the middle this happens.” As quoted by First Post.

He further added on the paparazzi culture saying, “I think know you are aware that it is 100% going to happen. At that time, we were caught off guard by it. So, it is like an informed devil as opposed to an uninformed devil scenario. You at least know, yeh toh hone wala hai (this is bound to happen). Also ab toh meri shaadi ho gayi hai, bachche ho gaye hain (Now I am married, I have kids). Nobody is interested in those things about me. They have other 24-year-olds to focus on.”