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IWMBuzz shows you a bit of Kareena Kapoor Khan's skincare routine

 A sneak-peek into Kareena Kapoor Khan’s skincare routine

Our Entertainment industry is filled with some gorgeous beauties and often we wonder the secret to their healthy and flawless skin. While some like to share the mantra with everyone, some like to keep it a secret. But Bollywood’s eternal diva Kareena Kapoor Khan certainly believes in the former. Bebo has never ever been insecure about anything in life and she has never feared judgements coming her way. From the way she loves her life to the kind of movies which she has picked for herself, she’s never been shy or scared of anything. That’s why a bold and beautiful Kareena Kapoor Khan took to social media to share her personal skincare routine and we bet you girls are loving it absolutely. Have you seen the visuals of Bebo’s skincare routine? If not hurry and go check her video right away. We present it to you below –

Well, Bebo, you are truly beautiful. For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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