Here's the reason why Nina Dobrev has quit eating fish. 

The Vampire Diaries Star Nina Dobrev Quits Eating Fish & Here Is Why

Even in the huge field of modern television, actress Nina Dobrev is a recognisable face, best known for her appearances in Degrassi: The Next Generation and The Vampire Diaries. Much of the actress’s life, like that of most current celebrities, is documented on social media and the internet, including one or two meals or interviews that have people wondering if Nina Dobrev is a vegetarian.

Nina Dobrev is not a vegetarian, but she was considering going vegan earlier this year. Nina Dobrev begins detailing the fluctuations in her unique diet in her episode of Harper’s Bazaar’s YouTube show Food Diaries, which premiered in May 2021, by stating categorically, “My diet varies a lot.” Dobrev was not a vegetarian at the time of the interview, though she had tried it out briefly in 2011, according to Us Weekly. Her breakfast choices, on the other hand, reveal what kinds of foods she prefers and what she avoids on any given weekday.

When she’s on her own, she likes to make protein shakes using unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a frozen banana to thicken the recipe, as she demonstrates in the video. Avocado, almond butter, spinach, arugula, collagen (which isn’t vegetarian), and a powdered beauty vitamin are all included. Her weekend breakfasts, on the other hand, are a different story.

Runny eggs, toasted gluten-free bread, steamed spinach, and apple sausages are her typical weekend breakfasts. She occasionally eats gluten-free pancakes as well.

Dobrev says in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that she struggled with dietary health issues for years before recognising that the culprit could have been gluten all along. Dairy is another something she avoids, she says.

In the video, she explains, “I found out that my body doesn’t do well with gluten and I don’t do well with dairy products.”

Dobrev’s adherence to those nutritional choices is further demonstrated by her morning coffee. One or even two cups of her favourite espresso and normal coffee, flavoured with almond milk and a packet or two of stevia, are part of her daily routine.

In the Harper’s Bazaar video, she adds, “Mama needs some coffee, some very powerful, strong coffee,” adding, “Sometimes I even have two coffees.” For example, I finish my coffee and it’s still not enough.”

Dobrev’s seafood diet has been influenced by his concerns about how unsustainable the fishing business is.

“I used to eat a lot of fish,” she says in her Food Diaries episode, “but after researching a lot about what goes on in the ocean, making my own documentary, watching another documentary that recently affected me significantly — at the rate that we’re eating fish, because there are so many humans on the Earth, it’s not sustainable.” “And the fishing industry is not at all sustainable.” As a result, I’ve recently quit eating fish entirely.”

Dobrev, too, has taken a step back and made some broad dietary adjustments as a result of her concerns. She’s even thinking about going completely vegan.

“I’m considering becoming a vegan.” “I’m not a vegan,” she clarifies in the video, adding that she’d like to return to the Food Diaries in the future to evaluate how her diet has grown.