Sometimes even winners face defeat but it’s only Baazigars like Shah Rukh Khan who can win even after losing, and come out triumphant!

All The Times Shah Rukh Khan Overcame Setbacks To Emerge A Winner At The End

He has done close to 130 films and won both national and international awards, on numerous occasions and he is the most popular celebrity who we dearly call King of Bollywood. Yes, SRK has been in the industry for over 26 years and has already reached a pinnacle of success in Bollywood where this Baadshah is already revered, loved and respected above all.
All The Times Shahrukh Khan Overcame Setbacks To Emerge A Winner At The End
Here are 5 major setbacks that SRK faced but hardly caused any turbulence in his fantastic career:

1. Movies like Ra.One and the recently released Zero did not get good reviews from the audience and tanked at the box office but still, it is too little too less to shake the mighty SRK, who can easily rise above these failures and focus on a better future.

2. From back injury to multiple fractures and from his lack of sleep to his chain smoking, a lot of health hazards were definitely never looking good for SRKs career but he rose above all.

3. SRK’s fame may have started with TV and he did host KBC amazingly well, but his next venture that was ‘Kya Aap Panchvi Paas Se Tez Hai’, bombed very badly.

4. A company that SRK and Juhi started together in 1999, Dreamz Unlimited, produced Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani but it was a commercial failure and in 2003 SRK and the other partners had disagreement and they parted ways.

5. Be it the whole mess that unfolded at Wankhede stadium or his link-up rumours with Priyanka Chopra, magnanimous stars like him always have messy scandals and controversies around them, but only SRK could have come out of it all, untainted.

Multiple events have occurred to rattle him time and again, but the Baadshah of Bollywood remains unfazed by it all.

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