Known for his classic fine acting chops in some of the most popular films, Tom Cruise has always been top-notch. That being said, while he turns 60 now, defies and ditches ageing as he shows off a dangerous stunt act, and certainly, the video went viral all across the globe. Christopher McQuarrie shared the video on his Twitter handle wishing him on his birthday.

In the video, we could see Tom Cruise flying in the air, almost, hanging onto a private red flight, the video left the entire internet all baffled, and it’s a definite watch, as we see Tom Cruise becoming a daredevil at the age of 60.


Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning is currently marking hurls all across the internet. Tom Cruise earlier also shared a glimpse of the film on his Twitter handle. The video showcased some brilliant action scenes starting from, “car chases, explosions, lots of running, fast paced train sequences, motorbikes, scuba diving, fencing on a bridge, a mysterious key and of course, more running”