Tom Cruise has established himself as one of the most well-known action movie actors in Hollywood because of his roles in Top Gun to the Mission: Impossible series

Tom Cruise’s Action-Packed Films To Watch This Weekend

It’s no secret that Tom Cruise, one of Hollywood’s most well-known actors, is recognized for his action-packed movies. With spectators on the edge of their seats, Cruise has starred in several action films. So why not watch some of his most recognizable, heart-pounding action movies this weekend?

Mission Impossible

The “Mission: Impossible” franchise comes first. As Ethan Hunt, played by Cruise, undertakes impossible missions for the Impossible Missions Force, viewers of this spy thriller series follow him (IMF). “Mission: Impossible” features everything from risky heists to fast-paced chases. The franchise has been a mainstay of pop culture from the debut of the first movie in 1996 and the most recent entry, “Mission: Impossible 7.” Among fans of Cruise, it is a favorite in the action genre.

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Top Gun

The next film is “Top Gun.” The hotshot navy aviator Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is followed in this 1986 classic as he attends the Top Gun training facility to refine his abilities. “Top Gun” is a must-see for any action enthusiast with its legendary music and magnificent flying shots.

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Edge Of Tomorrow

“Edge of Tomorrow” is a relatively recent addition to Cruise’s action filmography. In this 2014 movie, Cruise plays Major William Cage, a military public affairs officer who finds himself in the middle of an extraterrestrial invasion and a time-looping conflict. In Cruise’s filmography, “Edge of Tomorrow” stands out thanks to its original premise and exciting action.

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Jack Reacher

“Jack Reacher” is another Cruise film that you shouldn’t miss. Based on the most popular book series, “Jack Reacher,” a book by Lee Child, follows the title character as he looks into a sniper attack that has claimed the lives of five individuals. “Jack Reacher” is a movie that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end with its complex plot and exciting action scenes.

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The last track is “Oblivion.” In this science fiction movie, Cruise plays Jack Harper, a drone repairman stationed on a barren Earth following a conflict with extraterrestrial creatures. The excellent sci-fi movie “Oblivion” features breathtaking vistas and exhilarating action, showcasing Cruise’s acting range.

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These are just a few high-octane movies Tom Cruise has starred in throughout the years. So whether you enjoy time-looping, aerial combat, or spy thrillers, If you have some excitement, try one of Cruise’s action or science-fiction movies. What better way to get your heart pumping this weekend than to indulge in some of his most recognizable roles?

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