You can't resist Tom Cruise's captivating smile in films.

Tom Cruise’s Infectious Smile On Screen Will Make You Sick In His Love

Tom Cruise has one of the most recognizable smiles in the world. But have you ever considered how the actress’s famed grin has developed over the course of her extensive and varied filmography? In fact, we have! In honor of Cruise’s next film Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation, which hits theatres on Friday, we opted to break his captivating, dazzling grin into four distinct stages. Cruise can be seen beaming as a secret spy, a vampire, a fighter pilot, a Vietnam War veteran, a seduction specialist, a pool hustler, a cocky bartender, a hard rocker, a lawyer in difficulty, a horny adolescent, and more in the video above.

From his sly grin to his excited laughter, Tom Cruise has been gazing down at us from the big screen for 34 years. To help you understand the range of his delight, here is a smile scale.

If you’re not paying attention, Tom Cruise’s teeth may take the lead when it comes to grins. The action actor, who has been in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including Top Gun and Mission: Impossible – Fallout, remains one of the industry’s hottest performers more than three decades into his career, owing to his exceptional acting ability and enticing looks.

Fans can’t help but notice that Tom’s 100-watt grin has one tooth that is slightly out of place, despite how amazing he is as an actor. In fact, photographs indicate that his teeth are out of alignment with the centre of his face.

Here are a few of his most charming on-screen smiles.