Know more about Tom Cruise and his new achievement

Unbelievable: Tom Cruise becomes first actor to shoot movie in space, know all details

Tom Cruise is one of the finest and most popular sensations in the Hollywood entertainment industry. The man well and truly needs no introduction. He’s extremely popular in India for his ‘Mission Impossible’ series and all the other movies that he’s been a part of over the years and we love every bit of it. The best thing about Tom is that he has this very interesting and amazing knack of setting trends and becoming the first person to do fun and engaging things. Well, guess what ladies and gentlemen? He just became a trendsetter in a really special and cool way which no one really thought of.

As per reports in Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood sueprstar Tom Cruise became the first movie star ever to be shooting in space. Universal has confirmed that he will be the first civilian to go on a spacewalk outside the ISS for the first-ever movie that will be shot in space. Well, absolutely amazing and fantastic, right ladies and gentlemen?

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